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Element Cups

Product design


Cinema 4D, Adobe Illustrator

Element cup is a project that combines science and design together. The work was inspired by the mug that National Chemistry Association gave to its members. I designed the symbol for each category of the periodic table according to their traits and redesigned the element block. The goal of this project is to bring science to our daily life.

According to the trait of each category of elements, I designed a symbol for categories that is easy for students to remember. I also redesign the periodic table to make sure the system fits every single element in the table.

After making the print design, I could not find a good mockup for the glass cup. At the same time, I want to have the glass cup that fits my design the best. Therefore I decided to use Cinema 4D to make my own model of cups. I also tried different textures of glass to see which works better. 

Museum of Names


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