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Observation of Eyes

Editorial design


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator

Observation of Eyes is a series of animations and motion graphics I created during the worst time of the pandemic. Being forced to do all my works in front of the screen, my eyes started to have bad symptoms. This project shows how our vision is occupied by electronic images.

The project started with the observation of my eyes from multiple perspectives. I recorded my observation through writing journals and taking photos. Meanwhile, I collected information about the student's habit of using their eyes.

At the beginning of my observation, I thought my eyes are like a hungry beast that kept on finding its prey. It's eager for new funs and excitement. The desire for me to see new and ex things is much stronger than before.

If I had to stay inside because of the pandemic, then my eyes become the only thing that I can perceive the outside world.  Screens could fulfill my need for visual sense, but they could not simulate the environment. People feel environment not only through eyes but also through hearing, smelling, and touching. 

It seems like as long as I keep my daily routine, the appearance of my eyes won’t change much. But the daily routine is not that healthy. It was because I rely on the screen to do everything. I began to find excuses for myself, that I need the screen to do serious things. I made this animation that I only spent 5 hours on the screen to edit in 3 weeks.

Now I have 3 devices that take turns to give me notifications of random things. They are also a reminder for me to keep up with my schedule. These ringtones are now the only thing that makes a clear sound in my room. Because I was in the small room, my attention and my eyes are forced to be guided to the device. 



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