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Product design


Cinema 4D, Adobe Illustrator

Resound is a pop-up project that uses sound and projection in underground tunnels to recall people’s memory of warm weather. It would take place in the University of Minnesota’s underground tunnel during winter. People could record their stories and they will be played to passengers that use the tunnel.

I designed the logo using the important visual identity: wiggled lines. The shape of the logo is a connected U and N, which symbolize the "u" and "n" in "Resound". The wiggled line also represents the wave of the sound map, which is the essential media for us to receive and share messages

I designed the space for the pop-up project on paper initially. However, to better visualize the design, and also because of the limited condition I have, I made a 3D model for the entire pop-up space. I didn't only recreate the hallway space but also designed some required objects, such as the recording station.

I designed a series of advertising and informative material for the pop-up project. I also made the template for the Instagram feed during the event. The website will serve as an archive of what sound recording the participants had contributed to this project. 

Simple and Complex

Museum of Names

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