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Smell Us Human



Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator

Smell Us Human is a branding project for the made-up scent design studio. The studio designs scents for all kinds of fragrance products. A lot of existing fragrance products have a strong stereotype about their targeted audience. The studio wants to create smells that depict the user as an independent, unique and confident individual that rejects the stereotype. 

I chose the name Smell Us Human because it represents the concept of the studio. The studio seeks ways to cast off the tag that consumerism puts on people. Therefore it design smells only for people who sees themselves as a dignified individual. I started the project with research interesting logos of different studios. 

After design the logo, I used the guideline that was made for a logo design to make the pattern for the brand.

For the business card, I made a formal version and playful version for different occasion. 


Simple and Complex

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